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Our Goal's For 2022-2023

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·Jul 12, 2022·

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Near the end of 2021 and throughout 2022 to the present day, me and other people in RiotSecurity have been working on many things but nothing that will ever be published this year. We have so many ideas but many times we need to prioritise these projects and ideas to be below our individual life styles and work. E.g., We will not start coding something or hacking something if we have an exam coming up. However, below we're going to note some of our goals as a group which we can hope to work on during 2022 and throughout 2023. Before we continue, it'll be appreciated if you could contact us on Twitter if you've got any ideas or criticism on the below goals.

  1. More Bug Bounty Related Writeups/PoC's

As an offensive security group, we have members who are dedicated to Bug Bounty. We plan on making more writeups/PoC's for the community to learn off. Not every writeup will be a critical vulnerability leading to RCE because of the program's disclosure policy and how rare it may be to come across such bug(s). However, we will publish interesting chains and or techniques we've utilised when hunting. Sometimes it'll be as basic as an SXSS leading to an Account Takeover but the way we chained could be the thing that you learn from or just the approach we took when looking for the vulnerability.

  1. More YouTube Content (HTB, CTF's, Programming)

I personally enjoy posting content on our YouTube Channel, however, sometimes it's extremely hard to keep up with posting the content and finding the motivation to do so. The key factor for me is the feedback from the community whether it be criticism or a thanks it makes me feel exhilarated. A solution to fight against the lack of time and motivation will be for me to pre-record videos in free time on something I really enjoyed doing and doing so, I will have two or three videos that I can publish weekly. This will probably start around October of this year.

  1. Partnership/Collaborations

Sometime this year or early next year our group will be looking to collaborate with another security group or group(s) within the community. The whole idea behind this will be to partner and do something together whether it be a really cool zero-day writeup or general security talks on YouTube/Twitch. We're also going to be doing the same with individual's however we will be asking the community for questions which they may want to ask the individual we're interviewing.

  1. General Ideas

A zero-day writeup platform for our collaborations and partnerships but also our own work too.

Mixed content (Offensive, Blue Team, Coding, Cloud etc)

Applications to join our Group as a member

More Academy Content for HackTheBox

  1. The Big Decision

Sometime next year, I as the owner am going to make the decision of changing our group alias. Why? Well, RiotSecurityTeam was made during a time of immaturity and stupidity. The recent year(s) we've regrouped and made this a profession. We're still going to make a pole eventually and ask for opinions this will determine the rebrand of our group.

  • That's all for now, as time goes on, we can assure you there will be more projects and ideas but as a group these are the goals for this year and throughout next year, once these are consistent in a sense for the content creation etc we'll expand and do more.


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